Subway To Hell


Drive Away. Move. Let them remain the same. Be different. 
Become You. 


Road Knight.


This moment.

When you stand up.

This is why I love tricking.
For it makes you go beyond what you thought you could do.

I miss you guys.


Inspirational Brother. So proud of him.


Whatever People Say I am That’s Really What I Am Not.

We wanted to build our love, our own world, far from anyone.
Just her and I. Inside a bubble. Her love as my oxygen.
But you, you decided to say something, to stand in our way.
We tried not to care. You were not in our lands.

You always had to say something, to contest, to criticize. 
On our door, knocking every morning.
Throwing rocks in our garden.

You should have let us alone.

Like needles in our hands.
You put doubt in our trust.
A trust that took us years to build.
But this tiny doubt, leading to such suspicion…
Was like cracks on giant walls.
Growing as time goes. An invisible threat.

It annihilated me. Torn me apart.
Blew up our sphere.
None of us wanted it.
You made me hurt the only one I had ever loved.
Right in her chest.

I hate you.

Do you feel better? Now that you have me back?
Why would you like to possess me?
I don’t own the one I love. I set them free.
I give them the wings to pursue their dreams.
The faith in their choices.

Like she did to me.

And you say I wasn’t happy. 
It’s true. I felt sad sometimes. 
Yes, times were hard. 

But I am not happier.
I am going down.


So much hate toward you.

It was us. We were one. I was one.

For not letting me be who I am.
For not knowing me.
For pretending to listen.
For not trusting me.

Look at me.
I can’t love anymore.
I am unable to feel any simple joy.

I need to fight to smile, to create happiness.
A struggle for a laugh..
And your selfishness smashes it.
Your honor, your proud.
Like the animal you are.
I need to scream to feel calm.

My heart is cold.
My soul is sad.

I wish such years with her could have been the last of my existence.
Such years she filled with more love I might not ever receive again.


One Moment. When you stand up after a fall.



Il est tard.

"Je crie ton nom en marche arrière,

Perdu dans mes plus noirs regrets

De ce triste choix suicidaire

Qui perce mon coeur en secret.”